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EZ Grapple Bucket - Versatile Attachment for Trees, Brush, and Roots The EZ Grapple Bucket is a robust and versatile attachment designed for handling trees, brush, and roots with ease. Built with high-strength AR400 steel, this bucket features a wide opening to grasp large objects and withstands the toughest tasks, making it an essential tool for construction, landscaping, and agricultural professionals. Key Features: High-Strength Construction: Made from AR400 steel for enhanced durability and long-lasting performance. Wide Opening: Features a 50" opening to easily grasp large objects. Robust Hydraulic System: Equipped with 2.5"x8" welded hydraulic cylinders with guarded rods for superior strength and protection. Versatile Design: Available in multiple widths (72", 81", and 90") to accommodate various job requirements. Heavy-Duty Tines: Upper and lower tines are 1/2" thick AR400 steel for optimal strength and durability. Protective Finish: Abrasive blasted and powder-coated to resist wear and corrosion. Specifications: Dimensions: 72" width: 9 tines, weight 960 lbs 81" width: 10 tines, weight 1030 lbs 90" width: 11 tines, weight 1060 lbs Tine Spacing: Standard 9" spacing Material: High-strength AR400 steel for tines and frame Compatibility: Fits most skid steers and compact track loaders Usage and Benefits: The EZ Grapple Bucket is designed to tackle a wide range of tasks, from clearing brush and roots to handling large debris. Its robust construction and powerful hydraulic system ensure it can handle the most demanding jobs with ease. The wide opening allows for efficient grasping of large objects, making it a versatile tool for various applications in construction, landscaping, and agriculture. Optional Upgrades: Hydraulic Hose Saver: Protects hydraulic hoses from damage during operation. Narrow Tine Spacing: Optional 4" lower tine spacing for handling smaller debris more efficiently. Customer Testimonials: John D. from Texas: "The EZ Grapple Bucket has significantly improved our efficiency on the job site. It's built tough and handles everything we throw at it." Mike S. from Colorado: "This grapple bucket is a game-changer for our landscaping projects. The build quality is outstanding, and it makes handling large debris a breeze." Warranty Information: The EZ Grapple Bucket comes with a 5 Year comprehensive warranty to ensure your investment is protected, providing peace of mind with every purchase. Shipping Information: Enjoy flat rate shipping based on your location, ensuring straightforward and affordable delivery to your site. (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)
Rock Bucket w/ Dual... from $4,305.00 $4,705.00
Rock buckets are a really versatile attachment.  From simple grading to removing large boulders, these buckets can be used for a lot of different applications especially with the added grapple! The round bar design allows rocks to fall out of the bucket easier and minimizes the amount of material that typically gets stuck between the tines.   The front tooth bar is made from 1” thick plate steel and is plasma cut to give you the strongest front edge on the market.  Confidently dig or lift heavy items without worrying about bending or breaking. From the open back design that gives you excellent visibility to the removable side plates that allow you to safely transport wider items, this rock bucket has it all.   The dual grapple gives you the ability to close each or just one grapple.  They are independently operated with hydraulic cylinders and each cylinder is covered and protected. Specifications: Available in 72” , 81” & 90” widths Weight ranges from 600 lbs. - 850 lbs. (based on width) Dual 2 ½” x 8” hydraulic cylinders independently control the  grapples  Front tooth bar is cut from 1” thick plate steel 1 ¼” formed round bars make up the back and bottom of the bucket Framed designed with 4” tube (¼” wall thickness) for exceptional strength and durability 2 ½” bar spacing to minimize rocks getting stuck and to allow small material to pass through Laser cut (½” plate steel) side plates for additional support and rigidity.  Removable ⅜” thick side plates (attach to ½” side plates) to allow for large items Universal attachment plate  Feature Recap: 1” Thick front tooth bar 4” Tube frame design for exceptional lifting power 1 ½” thick round bar bottom and back  Removable side plates to safely transport large items 2 ½” spacing to allow smaller material to easily pass through Tough, durable powder coat finish Independently controlled dual grapple  Warranty: 5 Year Structural Shipping: Flat Rate Shipping On All Orders (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)
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Introducing the Material Bucket with Grapple - the ultimate heavy-duty tool for hauling and handling all types of materials. Whether you're moving dirt, sand, bedding, feed, silage, manure, brush, logs, rocks or any other type of material, this bucket has you covered. Built to last, the Material Bucket with Grapple is constructed with an enclosed top edge and 4 runners underneath for added strength and durability. The removable bolt-on sides allow for extra capacity and the bolt-on front cutting edge helps to reduce downtime by maintaining a long wear. But the real game-changer is the dual grapple hooks that operate independently, made from ½” grade 50 steel plate. These hooks give you the power to handle large and heavy materials with ease, making this bucket the perfect tool for any job. This Material Bucket with Grapple is designed to make your work easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. Don't settle for less, get your hands on the ultimate heavy-duty material bucket today! Warranty:2 Year Structural Warranty Shipping:Flat Rate Shipping On All Orders (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)