SSHA - Hydraulic Adjustable... from $5,995.00 $6,395.00
SSHA Hydraulic Adjustable Grader: The Ultimate Solution for Precision Land Grading Discover unparalleled precision and efficiency in land grading with the SSHA Hydraulic Adjustable Grader. Designed for the professional who demands both robustness and finesse, this grader elevates your project capabilities to new heights. Robust and Efficient: A Grader That Adapts to Your Needs Adjustable Blade Feature: Seamlessly adjust blade positions on the fly from the comfort of your skid steer. Perfect for achieving precise grades on roads, parking lots, and job sites, this feature ensures your work is not just done, but done with unmatched accuracy. Patented Blade System: Effortlessly change the blade angles with a simple button push, customizing your grading approach to meet the unique demands of each project. This system not only simplifies operation but enhances the precision of your grading tasks. Versatile and Time-Saving: Tailored for Efficiency Multiple Width Options: Choose from 72", 84", and 96" widths to perfectly match the scale of your project. This flexibility ensures that no project is too big or too small for the SSHA Grader. Bi-Directional Work Capability: Leverage the 4-blade design for unparalleled versatility, allowing you to grade in both directions. This not only halves your job time but does so without compromising on the quality of your work. Durable and Low Maintenance: Built to Last Heavy Duty Construction: With a frame constructed from ¼” thick tube steel, expect years of reliable service with minimal maintenance. This grader is built to withstand the toughest conditions and keep coming back for more. Commercial Grade Cutting Edges: Tackle the most challenging grading jobs with confidence. Our high-grade cutting edges are designed for durability and performance, ensuring your grader is always job-ready. Enhanced Longevity: Extended Wear Life Solid Steel Skid Shoes: Our grader comes equipped with 1 ¾” thick solid steel skid shoes, designed for rotation and extended wear life. This feature not only enhances the grader's durability but also maximizes its operational lifespan, ensuring a greater return on your investment. Easy Compatibility: Universal Fit for Ease of Use Universal Quick Attach Plate: Enjoy hassle-free attachment to all major skid steer and front loader tractor brands. This universal compatibility ensures that integrating the SSHA Grader into your fleet is a straightforward and efficient process. Warranty and Shipping: Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed 1 Year Structural Warranty: Invest with confidence, knowing that your SSHA Grader is backed by a comprehensive one-year structural warranty. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Flat Rate Shipping: Benefit from the transparency and convenience of flat rate shipping. Shipping costs are determined at checkout based on your location, ensuring no surprises and a seamless purchase experience. Elevate your grading projects with the SSHA Series DuraGrader, a superior attachment that redefines efficiency and precision in land grading. With its innovative design and user-focused features, the SSHA Grader is not just a tool but a transformative solution for your grading needs, promising both pushing and pulling tasks to be completed with ease and excellence.
Hydra-Bucket from $7,432.00 $8,650.00
The Hydra Bucket is the most versatile skid steer attachment on the market, acting like a power rake or Harley rake. Designed to efficiently handle a variety of tasks, this bucket is ideal for professionals who need to grade, prep, and level materials on-site. Its unique features and robust construction make it an essential tool for landscaping, construction, and agricultural applications. Key Features: Durable Construction: Made from high-strength AR400, AR200, and Grade 50 steel for maximum durability. Integrated Hydraulic Motor: Features a Char-Lynn hydraulic motor delivering 6,700 in/lbs of torque, housed inside the drum for ultimate protection. Triple-Sealed Bearings: 5" oversized ball bearings are triple-sealed to guard against environmental damage. Carbide Teeth: Equipped with ultra-hard carbide cutter teeth on the drum for effective shredding and pulverizing. Dual Cutting Edges: Two cutting edges lead up to the drum, enhancing its material processing capabilities. Crossover Relief Valves: These valves help dampen shocks to the hydraulic system, ensuring smooth operation. Compact Design: The direct-drive motor design protrudes only 2.5" beyond the side plate, offering enhanced control and safety. Specifications: Models and Dimensions: HB60: 60" width, 10.25 ft³ struck volume, 15.75 ft³ heaped volume, 810 lbs HB66: 66" width, 11.25 ft³ struck volume, 17.5 ft³ heaped volume, 870 lbs HB72: 72" width, 12.375 ft³ struck volume, 19 ft³ heaped volume, 915 lbs HB78: 78" width, 13.375 ft³ struck volume, 20.75 ft³ heaped volume, 960 lbs HB84: 84" width, 14.375 ft³ struck volume, 22.5 ft³ heaped volume, 1,015 lbs Usage and Benefits: The Hydra Bucket is designed for various applications such as soil conditioning, seedbed preparation, and material leveling. It can effectively handle dirt, gravel, and other materials, making it a versatile tool for different tasks. Its ability to pulverize and shred materials on the go significantly enhances efficiency and reduces the need for multiple attachments. Customer Testimonials: Ken G. from North Dakota: "We use our Hydra Bucket for grading and prepping fence lines. It's also great in the winter for grinding ice in the barnyard. It’s been a great investment." John D. from Texas: "The Hydra Bucket has significantly improved our efficiency on the job site. It's built tough and handles everything we throw at it." Warranty Information: Comprehensive 1 year warranty included. Shipping Information: Flat rate shipping based on your location. (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)
Dominator with Grapple Guard from $7,425.00 $7,825.00
The Dominator is a powerful and versatile tree and brush pulling attachment that is designed to handle even the toughest jobs. Its 1" thick AR400 steel jaws provide superior strength and durability, capable of withstanding the most demanding applications. With a dual cylinder design, each producing 33,000 lbs. of force, the Dominator is designed to quickly and safely clear trees, shrubs, fence lines, and even buried root balls. The Dominator has been field tested and has passed every test with flying colors, making it the ultimate tree and brush pulling attachment. Weighing in at over 1,340 lbs. with the grapple guard, the Dominator is built to be heavy-duty and efficient. The wiring harness for the Grapple Guard is included in the package, ensuring that it is ready to go right out of the box. We'll call you after you order to ask for the make and model of your machine. Additional cost needed for Bobcat (7 Pin) machines. Dominator & Grapple Guard Specs: 60” opening easily grasps large objects Jaws are 1” thick AR400 high strength steel Bolt-on AR400 steel root rippers and serrated sides 3/4” thick vertical jaw braces 3/4” thick upper and lower frame plates 4″x4″x3/8“ frame cross tubes. Twin 3.5”x8” cross tube welded cylinders Dual cylinders produce over 60,000 pounds of force Hydraulic cylinder guards built from 3/8” plate protects cylinders when digging or pulling. 2” diameter, CF 1045 main pivot pins Grease fittings on all pivot points Abrasive blasted and powdered coated. Dig with jaws open or closed. Includes 4780 PSI hoses and flat faced couplers Standard wiring harness is included (additional cost needed for Bobcat machines - 7 PIN) Warranty: 5 Year Structural Warranty Shipping: Flat Rate Shipping On All Orders (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location) **Current Lead Time for this product is 2-5 weeks**
Bigfoot 1200 XD High... from $9,240.00 $9,640.00
Bigfoot 1200 XD Trencher High Flow: Your Trenching Revolution Introducing the Bigfoot 1200 XD Trencher High Flow, a state-of-the-art trenching attachment that's redefining efficiency and precision in the industry. With its patent-pending design, this high-flow model stands as a testament to trenching innovation, seamlessly integrating advanced technology with user-centric features. Innovative Features for Peak Efficiency: Crumber Bar Innovation: Begins its work right in the trench, streamlining your workflow and enhancing job efficiency. Cab-Visible Foot: The distinctive, visible foot design eliminates the need for manual spotters, directly aligning with the operator's perspective for precision trenching. Productivity-Enhancing Functionality: Enhanced Spoil Auger: A sizable spoil auger removes debris quickly, ensuring consistent digging depths and minimal turf disruption for high-productivity trenching. Adjustable Depth Control: With an adjustable skid foot, maintain consistent trench depths effortlessly, ensuring precise results every time. Flexibility and Ease of Use: Side-Shifting Frame: Offers the capability to trench close to permanent fixtures, adding versatility to tackle various project scenarios. Robust and Reliable: Leading Warranty Protection: Backed by an industry-leading warranty, rest assured your investment is secure with our commitment to quality. Specifications Tailored for Performance: Cutting Depth Mastery: Ranging up to 60 inches for deep, clean trench lines. Chain Width Selection: Customizable with options of 6", 8", 10", & 12" to match project requirements. Optimized Hydraulic Flow: Recommended flow of 28-45 GPM for consistent power. Powerful Motor: Fitted with a 6K BELL EATON motor, harnessing maximum pressure and flow rates for unrivaled trenching muscle. Warranty and Shipping 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty: Offering peace of mind with a comprehensive one-year warranty on your trencher. Flat Rate Shipping: All orders enjoy cost-effective shipping, with rates determined at checkout for convenience. Elevate your trenching capability with the Bigfoot 1200 XD Trencher High Flow. Commit to excellence and efficiency—make it part of your machinery arsenal today.
Power Rake - Professional from $9,295.00 $9,695.00
Description: The MTW Power Rake is ideal for breaking up, raking and leveling hard-packed soil, gravel, sod and other terrain.  The strong steel frames help commercial operators and do-it-yourselfers refine more material in less time while minimizing downtime due to breakage and repairs. Power Rake - Series 1 uses primarily 7ga wall construction and a 6” diameter rotor with carbide teeth. Ideal and affordable choice for small to medium skid steers, and mini-skid steers. Available in 4’, 5’, 6’, & 7’ widths. Hydraulic flow (20 GPM Max)  Features: 6" rotor design 3/8" side shields ​Reinforced steel fabrication throughout ​Fabricated wheel yokes, solid rubber tires Virtually indestructible chain case Extreme duty hitches Replaceable, long lasting teeth. Carbide tipped and weld-on teeth also available Shipping:Flat Rate Shipping On All Orders (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)    
HD Material Bucket with... from $4,150.00 $4,550.00
Introducing the Material Bucket with Grapple - the ultimate heavy-duty tool for hauling and handling all types of materials. Whether you're moving dirt, sand, bedding, feed, silage, manure, brush, logs, rocks or any other type of material, this bucket has you covered. Built to last, the Material Bucket with Grapple is constructed with an enclosed top edge and 4 runners underneath for added strength and durability. The removable bolt-on sides allow for extra capacity and the bolt-on front cutting edge helps to reduce downtime by maintaining a long wear. But the real game-changer is the dual grapple hooks that operate independently, made from ½” grade 50 steel plate. These hooks give you the power to handle large and heavy materials with ease, making this bucket the perfect tool for any job. This Material Bucket with Grapple is designed to make your work easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. Don't settle for less, get your hands on the ultimate heavy-duty material bucket today! Warranty:2 Year Structural Warranty Shipping:Flat Rate Shipping On All Orders (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)
Miller Stump Grinder $18,984.00
Description:The Miller Stump Grinder offers the same power and productivity of a self-contained commercial unit at a fraction of the cost available for high flow skid loaders.It comes with a 26 inch grinding wheel with cutting teeth on both sides to slide smoothly through tough material. The grinding wheel six wheel positioning has swing, lift and telescoping functions which allow you to eliminate a stump without having to reposition your machine, helping protect you and your machine from flying debris. The chain guard also reduces material buildup within the skid steer tracks finish the job with the push blade and effortlessly fill any hole created while clearing stumps.**Please note that this product is experiencing long lead times.  Please contact us before ordering.** Features: 6-way grinding wheel positioning with swing, lift, and telescoping functions Radial piston motor features higher torque and increased power Dual-direction cutting with carbide teeth on both sides of the wheel for maximum productivity 1" thick grinding wheel for smooth cutting Available for HIGH FLOW skid loaders Specification: Wheel Diameter: 26" Weight: 1,640 lbs. Number of Teeth: 30 Hydraulic Flow Rating: 29 - 45 GPM Shipping:Flat Rate Shipping On All Orders (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)
High Flow Auger Drive from $3,730.00 $4,130.00
High Flow Auger Drive Elevate Your Drilling with the Digga Skid Steer Auger Attachment Discover unparalleled drilling capabilities with the Digga Skid Steer Auger Attachment, a masterpiece of over 30 years of innovation and design. Renowned for its unmatched performance, superior quality, and exceptional cost effectiveness, this auger attachment is a game-changer in the industry. Built for Durability and Performance  Premium Quality Construction: Crafted with the highest grade materials and adhering to strict quality control standards, ensuring longevity and reliability.  Powerful Eaton Bell Motor: Provides potent, direct drive torque for enhanced drilling depth without needing extensions, reducing downtime and maintenance while maximizing efficiency. State of the Art Auger Drive Technology  High Torque Digga Gearbox: A compact yet powerful gearbox designed by Digga, delivering high torque for challenging drilling tasks.  Innovative Eaton Motor: Incorporates an integrated pressure relief valve, eliminating the need for cumbersome valve blocks and reducing leak points. Versatility and User Convenience  Adaptable Design: Easily converts to a screw anchor drive with the addition of our patented 'anti kickback valve'.  Hassle Free Setup: Includes a 2" hex shaft, 87" hoses, quick disconnects, universal skid steer mount, and linkage for easy installation and use.  Specifications  Torque: 3,583 ft lbs @ 3000 PSI; Max 4,180 ft lbs @ 3500 PSI.  Flow Range: 10 - 36 GPM (Recommended).  Max RPM: 108.  Max Pressure: 3500 PSI @ 27 GPM.  Max Flow: 42 GPM @ 3100 PSI.  Max Hydraulic HP: 55 HP.  Includes Pressure Relief Valve.  Standard Output Shaft: 2" Hex.  Warranty and Shipping  5 Year Gearbox Warranty  3 Year Motor Warranty  1 Year Structural Warranty  Flat Rate Shipping: All orders ship at a flat rate (costs determined at checkout based on location).