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66" Hydra Bucket 72" Hydra Bucket 78" Hydra Bucket 84" Hydra Bucket


$7,432.00 $8,650.00 Sale


66" Hydra Bucket 72" Hydra Bucket 78" Hydra Bucket 84" Hydra Bucket
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The Hydra Bucket is the most versatile skid steer attachment on the market, acting like a power rake or Harley rake. Designed to efficiently handle a variety of tasks, this bucket is ideal for professionals who need to grade, prep, and level materials on-site.

Its unique features and robust construction make it an essential tool for landscaping, construction, and agricultural applications.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Made from high-strength AR400, AR200, and Grade 50 steel for maximum durability.
  • Integrated Hydraulic Motor: Features a Char-Lynn hydraulic motor delivering 6,700 in/lbs of torque, housed inside the drum for ultimate protection.
  • Triple-Sealed Bearings: 5" oversized ball bearings are triple-sealed to guard against environmental damage.
  • Carbide Teeth: Equipped with ultra-hard carbide cutter teeth on the drum for effective shredding and pulverizing.
  • Dual Cutting Edges: Two cutting edges lead up to the drum, enhancing its material processing capabilities.
  • Crossover Relief Valves: These valves help dampen shocks to the hydraulic system, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Compact Design: The direct-drive motor design protrudes only 2.5" beyond the side plate, offering enhanced control and safety.


  • Models and Dimensions:
    • HB60: 60" width, 10.25 ft³ struck volume, 15.75 ft³ heaped volume, 810 lbs
    • HB66: 66" width, 11.25 ft³ struck volume, 17.5 ft³ heaped volume, 870 lbs
    • HB72: 72" width, 12.375 ft³ struck volume, 19 ft³ heaped volume, 915 lbs
    • HB78: 78" width, 13.375 ft³ struck volume, 20.75 ft³ heaped volume, 960 lbs
    • HB84: 84" width, 14.375 ft³ struck volume, 22.5 ft³ heaped volume, 1,015 lbs

Usage and Benefits: The Hydra Bucket is designed for various applications such as soil conditioning, seedbed preparation, and material leveling. It can effectively handle dirt, gravel, and other materials, making it a versatile tool for different tasks. Its ability to pulverize and shred materials on the go significantly enhances efficiency and reduces the need for multiple attachments.

Customer Testimonials:

  • Ken G. from North Dakota: "We use our Hydra Bucket for grading and prepping fence lines. It's also great in the winter for grinding ice in the barnyard. It’s been a great investment."
  • John D. from Texas: "The Hydra Bucket has significantly improved our efficiency on the job site. It's built tough and handles everything we throw at it."

Warranty Information: Comprehensive 1 year warranty included.

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