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SSHA Hydraulic Adjustable Grader: The Ultimate Solution for Precision Land Grading Discover unparalleled precision and efficiency in land grading with the SSHA Hydraulic Adjustable Grader. Designed for the professional who demands both robustness and finesse, this grader elevates your project capabilities to new heights. Robust and Efficient: A Grader That Adapts to Your Needs Adjustable Blade Feature: Seamlessly adjust blade positions on the fly from the comfort of your skid steer. Perfect for achieving precise grades on roads, parking lots, and job sites, this feature ensures your work is not just done, but done with unmatched accuracy. Patented Blade System: Effortlessly change the blade angles with a simple button push, customizing your grading approach to meet the unique demands of each project. This system not only simplifies operation but enhances the precision of your grading tasks. Versatile and Time-Saving: Tailored for Efficiency Multiple Width Options: Choose from 72", 84", and 96" widths to perfectly match the scale of your project. This flexibility ensures that no project is too big or too small for the SSHA Grader. Bi-Directional Work Capability: Leverage the 4-blade design for unparalleled versatility, allowing you to grade in both directions. This not only halves your job time but does so without compromising on the quality of your work. Durable and Low Maintenance: Built to Last Heavy Duty Construction: With a frame constructed from ¼” thick tube steel, expect years of reliable service with minimal maintenance. This grader is built to withstand the toughest conditions and keep coming back for more. Commercial Grade Cutting Edges: Tackle the most challenging grading jobs with confidence. Our high-grade cutting edges are designed for durability and performance, ensuring your grader is always job-ready. Enhanced Longevity: Extended Wear Life Solid Steel Skid Shoes: Our grader comes equipped with 1 ¾” thick solid steel skid shoes, designed for rotation and extended wear life. This feature not only enhances the grader's durability but also maximizes its operational lifespan, ensuring a greater return on your investment. Easy Compatibility: Universal Fit for Ease of Use Universal Quick Attach Plate: Enjoy hassle-free attachment to all major skid steer and front loader tractor brands. This universal compatibility ensures that integrating the SSHA Grader into your fleet is a straightforward and efficient process. Warranty and Shipping: Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed 1 Year Structural Warranty: Invest with confidence, knowing that your SSHA Grader is backed by a comprehensive one-year structural warranty. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Flat Rate Shipping: Benefit from the transparency and convenience of flat rate shipping. Shipping costs are determined at checkout based on your location, ensuring no surprises and a seamless purchase experience. Elevate your grading projects with the SSHA Series DuraGrader, a superior attachment that redefines efficiency and precision in land grading. With its innovative design and user-focused features, the SSHA Grader is not just a tool but a transformative solution for your grading needs, promising both pushing and pulling tasks to be completed with ease and excellence.
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Discover the SSMA Series DuraGrader: Your Ultimate Grading Solution Key Features  Adjustable Blade Angle: Tailor your grading experience effortlessly with five blade configurations.  Effortless Maneuverability: Patented opposed 4 blade design ensures seamless pushing or pulling for multiple tasks.  Varied Width Options: Choose from three widths – 72", 84", & 96" – for versatile applications.  Quick Blade Angle Changes: Swiftly change blade angles in seconds for efficient operation.  Versatility in Both Directions: 4 blade design reduces job time by allowing work in both directions.  Universal Compatibility: Quick attach plate works seamlessly with major skid steers and front loader tractors.  Robust Construction: Rugged ¼” thick tube steel design guarantees years of dependable service with minimal maintenance.  CommercialGrade Cutting Edges: Enjoy topnotch performance with cutting edges found on commercial motor graders.  Solid Steel Skid Shoes: Equipped with 1 ¾” thick solid steel skid shoes for extended lifespan. Warranty & Shipping  Structural Warranty: One Year structural warranty ensures confidence in your purchase.  Convenient Shipping: Benefit from flat rate shipping on all orders, with costs determined at checkout based on your location. Upgrade your grading capabilities with the SSMA Series DuraGrader – a powerhouse of versatility and efficiency. Order now and experience a new level of performance for your grading tasks.
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The SSF (Skid Steer Fixed) Series Dura-Grader is specifically designed to work with skid steers of all major brands and features blade holders welded into a fixed position. It easily attaches to your skid steer or front load tractors with our universal quick attach plate. The patented opposed 4 blade design makes pushing or pulling the grader effortless. The skid steer graders from DoMor Equipment are heavier built and more effective than other land planes. It is the ideal grader for construction sites, landscaping, farms or ranches, and road maintenance and can also be used to knock down small trees and clear brush.   Feature Recap: 3 widths to choose from - 72", 84", & 96"  The 4 blade design gives you the versatility to work in both directions and reduce your job time.  The quick attach plate is designed to work with all major manufactures skid steers and front loader tractors. The rugged ¼” thick tube steel design will give you years of dependable service and requires almost no maintenance. Every Dura-Grader is equipped with the same cutting edges that are found on commercial motor graders.  The SSF Series comes with 1 ¾” thick solid steel skid shoes that easily bolt on. Simply rotate the skid shoes to extend their life. Warranty: One Year Structural Shipping: Flat Rate Shipping On All Orders (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)