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The XR Ripper attachment is a powerful tool designed to make quick work of any surface material. Whether you're prepping building sites, creating food plots, or working on gardens, the XR Ripper is an essential tool for any project. With a consistent depth control, easily adjustable depth without the need for any tools, and the choice between 76 inches or 84 inches ripper width attachments, this attachment is perfect for any job. Optional upgrades include bolt-on skid shoes and a bolt-on guide wheel kit to enhance the performance of the XR Ripper. The attachment is made of high strength AR 400 steel and has a weight of 685 lbs. to 805 lbs. The XR Ripper features includes dual direction teeth that allows you to rip soil going forward and reverse, choice between 7 or 9 ripper teeth, reversible tooth design, 4-inch tube (3/8-inch wall) main frame design, anti-skid steps built into the design, quickly adjustable depth control, high tensile strength AR400 steel rippers, and powder coat finish. With the XR Ripper attachment, you can easily tackle any surface material and get the job done in no time.  Optional Upgrades: Bolt-On Skid Shoes Bolt-On Guide Wheel Kit Specifications: Width – 76 in. or 84 in. Material – High Strength AR 400 Steel Weight – 685 lbs. to 805 lbs. Feature Recap: Dual Direction Teeth allows you to rip soil going forward and reverse Choice between 7 or 9 Ripper Teeth Reversible Tooth Design 4” Tube (3/8” wall) Main Frame Design Anti-Skid Steps Built Into The Design Quickly Adjustable Depth Control - Requires No Tools High Tensile Strength AR400 Steel Rippers Powder Coat Finish Warranty: 5 Year Structural Warranty Shipping: Flat Rate Shipping On All Orders (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)
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XR Ripper - Heavy-Duty Ground-Breaking Skid Steer Attachment The XR Ripper is the ultimate attachment for tackling tough ground-breaking tasks. Designed with high-strength materials and innovative features, this attachment is perfect for construction professionals who need to rip, scarify, and break through the hardest soils efficiently. Key Features: Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted from high-strength AR400 steel for maximum durability. Versatile Tine Options: Available with 5 to 10 teeth in both 76" and 84" widths to suit various project needs. Reversible Teeth: Allows for forward or reverse ripping, enhancing versatility. Easy Adjustments: No tools required to adjust tines, making on-the-fly adjustments simple and quick. Enhanced Safety: Equipped with four anti-skid steps and patented one-piece mount brackets for secure operation. Optional Upgrades: Bi-Directional Teeth: Provides greater flexibility and efficiency in various ripping directions. Adjustable Gauge Wheels: Improve depth control with solid laminated rubber tires and three-position settings. Adjustable Skid Shoes: Enhance depth control with bolt-on adjustments and a 2" vertical range. Specifications: Dimensions: Available in 76" and 84" widths Weight: Ranges from 575 lbs. to 860 lbs. depending on the model Teeth Options: 76" model: 5, 7, 9, or 10 teeth 84" model: 5, 7, 9, or 10 teeth Spacing: Varies from 8.33” to 20.75” based on the number of teeth Material: High-strength AR400 steel tines and 4”x4”x3/8” wall frame tubing Compatibility: Fits most skid steers and compact track loaders Usage and Benefits: The XR Ripper is designed to excel in breaking hard ground, loosening compacted soil, and preparing land for further construction activities. Whether you are removing roots, tearing out rocks, or digging up stumps, this robust attachment provides exceptional performance and reliability. Its optimized design ensures efficient ground penetration, reducing the time and effort required for tough jobs. Customer Testimonials: James L. from Alabama: "The XR Ripper has been a fantastic addition to our equipment lineup. It handles every task we throw at it with ease and efficiency." Bill R. from California: "I’ve never used a more reliable tool than the XR Ripper. It’s made our job sites much more productive." Tom W. from New York: "This attachment is worth every penny. The XR Ripper has saved us so much time and effort on our projects." Warranty Information: 5 Year Structural Warranty Shipping Information: Enjoy flat rate shipping based on your location, ensuring straightforward and affordable delivery to your site. (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)
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Upgrade your XR Ripper teeth to our Dual Directional Ripper Teeth. These teeth have a curves shank end on both sides giving you the ability to rip in both forward and reverse.  Made from high tensile AR400 Steel, these teeth will last a very long time.*Note: Price listed is per piece.  Shipping: Free when purchased with the XR Ripper