Dominator Tree Puller with 31" Cab Guard

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Dominator Tree Puller with 31" Cab Guard

$5,130.00 $5,530.00 Sale
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Dominator Tree Puller with 31" Cab Guard - Enhanced Safety and Performance

The Dominator Tree Puller with 31" Cab Guard combines the robust tree pulling capabilities of the Dominator with the added safety of a cab guard. This attachment is perfect for professionals who need to protect their equipment and operator while performing heavy-duty tasks.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Protection: 31" Cab Guard with formed uprights and a 3.5" SCH 80 pipe cross tube.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Built with 1" thick AR400 steel jaws for maximum durability.
  • Large Opening: A 60" opening easily grasps large objects.
  • Removable Root Rippers: AR400 steel root rippers are removable.
  • Protective Guards: Cylinder and hose guards.


  • Weight: 1,020 lbs with the Cab Guard
  • Dimensions: 60" opening
  • Material: 1" thick AR400 steel jaws, 3/4" thick vertical jaw braces
  • Hydraulic System: Twin 3.5"x8" welded cylinders
  • Compatibility: Fits most loaders

Usage and Benefits:

The Dominator Tree Puller with 31" Cab Guard is designed for tough pulling tasks while ensuring operator safety. The cab guard provides additional protection, making it suitable for environments where debris and branches could pose a risk.

Customer Testimonials:

  • Dwayne A. from Florida: "The Dominator Tree Puller with the cab guard is excellent. It gives me peace of mind knowing my equipment and I are protected."
  • Pete R. from Oklahoma: "The added cab guard is a great feature. It makes a tough job safer and more efficient."

Warranty Information: Comprehensive 5 year warranty included.

Shipping Information: Flat rate shipping based on your location. (Cost Determined At Checkout Based On Location)

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