Bigfoot 900 Trencher - Standard Flow

$5,750.00 $6,150.00 Sale

Chain Width

4" Combo Chain 6" Combo Chain 8" Combo Chain

Bigfoot 900 Trencher - Standard Flow

$5,750.00 $6,150.00 Sale

Chain Width

4" Combo Chain 6" Combo Chain 8" Combo Chain
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The Bigfoot 900 Trencher is a powerful and compact trenching attachment designed to meet all your trenching needs. It is equipped with a high-quality Digga/Eaton motor, an adjustable depth control foot, and a spoil removal auger that ensures consistent digging depths, efficient spoil removal, minimal ground disturbance and a clean job finish. This makes the Bigfoot Trencher ideal for laying pipes, irrigation, underground power, and other trenching projects.

With its user-friendly design, the Bigfoot Trencher allows the operator to start the crumber bar in the trench, eliminating the need to get out of the machine to reset it. Additionally, the unique design foot can be seen from the cab, allowing the operator to easily see when the trencher is in the correct trenching position.

This trencher is manufactured in the USA to the highest industry quality, ensuring reliability, performance and peace of mind. The Bigfoot Trencher is a complete trenching solution for cleaner trenches, helping you increase your efficiency and productivity.


  • Headstart Crumber System (patent pending) - Begin trenching with the crumber down and save time by not having to get out of your machine
  • Adjustable Skid Foot to maintain constant digging depth
  • Highly visible foot can be seen from the cab. No spotter required
  • Frame can be side shifted for digging close to permanent structures
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Package includes hoses, quick disconnects, crumber bar and universal skid steer slide mount


    • Up to 36" cutting depth
    • Available in 4", 6", & 8" chain widths
    • Recommended Flow of 13 - 25 GPM
    • Comes with 2K BELL EATON Motor
    • Max Pressure of 3500 PSI @ 16 GPM (Do Not Exceed)
    • Max Flow of 25 GPM @ 2900 PSI
    • Max Continuous Hydraulic Power of 34 HP
    • Length: 76"
    • Horizontal Height: 26"
    • Width: 48"
    • Weight: 575 lbs.  

    1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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