Rock Bucket

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72" 81" 90"

Rock Bucket

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72" 81" 90"
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Rock buckets are a really versatile attachment.  From simple grading to removing large boulders, these buckets can be used for a lot of different applications. 

The round bar design allows rocks to fall out of the bucket easier and minimizes the amount of material that typically gets stuck between the tines.  

The front tooth bar is made from 1” thick plate steel and is plasma cut to give you the strongest front edge on the market.  Confidently dig or lift heavy items without worrying about bending or breaking.

From the open back design that gives you excellent visibility to the removable side plates that allow you to safely transport wider items, this rock bucket has it all.  


  • Available in 72” , 81” & 90” widths
  • Weight ranges from 600 lbs. - 850 lbs. (based on width)
  • Front tooth bar is cut from 1” thick plate steel
  • 1 ¼” formed round bars make up the back and bottom of the bucket
  • Framed designed with 4” tube (¼” wall thickness) for exceptional strength and durability
  • 2 ½” bar spacing to minimize rocks getting stuck and to allow small material to pass through
  • Laser cut (½” plate steel) side plates for additional support and rigidity.
  •  Removable ⅜” thick side plates (attach to ½” side plates) to allow for large items
  • Universal attachment plate 

Feature Recap:

    • 1” Thick front tooth bar
    • 4” Tube frame design for exceptional lifting power
    • 1 ½” thick round bar bottom and back 
    • Removable side plates to safely transport large items
    • 2 ½” spacing to allow smaller material to easily pass through
    • Tough, durable powder coat finish
  • Grapple Rock Bucket is available in the Grapple Collection


5 Year Structural


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