Engineered For the Bold, Crafted For Efficiency

One Attachment, 

Countless Possibilities

Adjustable Blades

Seize control effortlessly by adjusting the blade angle with a single push of a button.

Heavy Duty Construction

The rugged steel frame ensures years of dependable performance, requiring minimal maintenance – a powerhouse built to withstand any challenge without slowing you down.

Maximized Efficiency

Enjoy unparalleled versatility and precision with the adjustable blade angle, tailoring every grading task to your specific needs for optimal results.

Trust and Commitment

Let's keep our planet as happy as our sweet tooth. Our candies come in eco-friendly packaging.

Drive Results with the SSHA Grader!

SSHA - Hydraulic Adjustable 4-Blade Grader

  • Hydraulic Blade Angle Adjustment

  • 4 Blade Design

  • Universal Quick Attach Mount

  • 4" Rugged Tube Steel Design

  • High Carbon Cutting Edge

  • Reversible Skid Shoes

Frequently asked questions

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The adjustable blade empowers you to fine-tune grading tasks on the fly, offering unparalleled control to handle diverse terrains and achieve precise results.

Absolutely. The SSHA Grader boasts a robust steel frame, ensuring durability and making it more than capable of handling demanding projects with minimal maintenance.

Versatility is one of the SSHA Grader's strengths. It's designed for a range of applications, from road maintenance and parking lots to job site preparation and material transfer, providing a one-attachment solution for multiple jobs.

The patented design ensures effortless grading, whether pushing or pulling. It enhances efficiency by evenly distributing the workload, making your grading tasks more manageable and effective.

The SSHA Grader's adaptability means you can accomplish multiple tasks with a single attachment, eliminating the need for constant switching. This not only saves time but also reduces equipment costs, making it a cost-effective solution for various grading needs.

The robust steel frame of the SSHA Grader ensures years of dependable service, requiring minimal maintenance. It's built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty grading, making it a reliable and durable investment for your projects.

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Engineered For the Bold, Crafted For Efficiency

SSHA - Hydraulic Adjustable 4-Blade Grader